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Slug: Ramblewood

A mysterious explosion that demolished a house at 12 Ramblewood Way, Kitchener, Ont. last night “found nothing criminal in nature,” Waterloo Region Police say.

A family of four living in the home was sleeping at the time of the explosion. Kitchener fire responded to a 911 call at 11: 40 p.m., together with two fire trucks from Kitchener and one from Waterloo to assist.

When firefighters arrived, they saw that an explosion had levelled the house and it was fully engulfed in flames, but they were able to comb through the wreckage and rescue the family.

According to Region of Waterloo ambulance services, all four family members were taken to hospital. Three family members have already been released from hospital this morning while another is in serious condition with non-life-threatening injuries, fire officials stated.

Neighbours reported, they smelled natural gas outside a few hours before the blast. hearing a loud sound some other ran to the wreaked home to see what had happened.

Priya Jani, another neighbour on the street, has started a Kickstarter campaign to help the family.

Kitchener Utilities spokesperson Wally Malcolm said “the utility shut off natural gas to the neighbourhood at around 1 a.m. today. In terms of work on gas excavation or repair work, nothing was being done in the neighbourhood.”

Kitchener Fire is continuing its investigation and has called in the Ontario fire marshal’s office to assist.

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News Writing

A Via Rail carrying 45 passengers partially derailed in southern Ontario

KITCHENER: A Via Rail halted services for three hours between London and Kitchener after derailment occurred at west of the Hamburg road, at about 7 :15 a.m.

While three passengers were sent to hospital with minor injuries and a young girl received minor burns spilling hot coffee on her.

Jeff Johnson, who had been a passenger on the train, said: ” I was working on my laptop computer when I felt a sudden jerk and the ride got extremely bumpy. I expected it to roll over and go into the ditch”.

the Shakespeare and Wilmot fire departments got to the derailment within about nine minutes.

Paul Langan, a spokesperson for Transport Action Canada said “the derailment clearly shows that the rail lines in Southwestern Ont., need to be repaired and improved. It’s a rude awakening for people when this type of thing happens. The quality of the rail infrastructure is suffering.”

Catherine Kaloutsky, a spokesperson for Via stated “The derailment caused a puncture in a diesel tank. The minor leak was contained. The damaged rails are expected to be repaired by this evening.”

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating, she said.