I want to welcome all of you to my new website! This is specially for my Journalism career and networking with others. I will be using my blog periodically for the study purpose and to provide my virtual visitors with updates news, articles and videos. I wanna hear from you. Your comment, advice and suggestion are warmly welcome.

Why I feel lucky to be Canadian

Hi there! I’m Saifullah Muhammad a student of Journalism at Conestoga College. I fled my country Burma/Myanmar when I was a child. I was in Bangladesh refugee camp for couple of years. Then I was a refugee again in Malaysia for almost 10 years before heading to Canada. I never dream that I would have a chance to come to Canada one day.  Today, I would like to say: Thanks Canada – You have given me so many incredible opportunities and life I would never have known in Burma or countries of my refuge. To be able to express my views and speak my mind without fear of persecution is an incredible.

Dreams come true!

Finally, my dreams come true. Today I feel proud to be a proud Canadian and a student of Journalism. I feel lucky to be surrounded by absolutely amazing and supportive instructors and classmates

I wanna be a voice of my persecuted people called “ROHINGYA”. The humanitarian disaster unfolding in Burma has been in the works for decades. Today, my people are at the final stage of genocide and lost their citizenship, home, culture, history and everything. They do not have any future. My Rohingya brothers and sisters are in need of education, health care and basic needs in Burma and Bangladesh.

Rohingya are the sunset of this century, entire humanity is watching them killed. If no actions are taken urgently, this could well be a human-made catastrophe against humanity to have ever happened in this century.

I wanna see better future of my people and good happen in the world. My entire life has felt like an uphill battle because I struggle a lot. I hope my Journalism career will allow me to serve needy people for the sake of humanity.