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Interview with MPP Daiene Vernile

By Saifullah Muhammad  I had the opportunity to interview Daiene Vernile, MPP for Kitchener Centre who has been recently appointed as the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport in Ontario Cabinet for 2018. Daiene is an award-winning Kitchener broadcast journalist who covered public issues for three decades on CTV’s Provincewide. “My parents are Italian immigrants […]

Interview with Peter Akman

By Saifullah Muhammad I had an opportunity to interview Peter Akman, Toronto Bureau Reporter, CTV National News. First Akman shared about his personal background that he was born in St. John’s, N.L., and raised in Ottawa. He received an Honours Degree majoring in English and Communications from Simon Fraser University (SFU). He started his journalism […]

Repatriation of Rohingya refugees must be voluntary

By Saifullah Muhammad The unatical agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh to repatriate potentially hundreds of thousands of Rohingya to their homes in Rakhine State has been widely criticized by the international experts. A day gone is a day closer to the living hell for #Rohingya #refugees who await the forced repatriation to genocidal #Myanmar. Stop […]

Kitchener’s annual countdown to the New Year 

This year, City of Kitchener was ringing in 2018 with a special retro morning cartoon theme. The celebration took place at Kitchener City Hall on Dec. 2017 at about 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. midnight.  People had tons of fun for the whole family including; special appearance by the Mystery Machine and Flintstone vehicles. Retro […]

Interview with Raj Saini: MP for Kitchener Center

By Saifullah Muhammad I had the opportunity to interview Mr Raj Saini, the Member of Parliament for Kitchener Center. This is the first interview of my journalism career in Canada. MP Saini was well-known as a pharmacist and an award-winning businessman for nearly 20 years in Kitchener. His success as a small business owner comes […]

Redraft Rohingya return deal

HRW asks Bangladesh, Myanmar to involve UN in the process UNB Dhaka Terming Rohingya return deal a bad one, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said Bangladesh and Myanmar should invite UNHCR to join the drafting of a new tripartite agreement. “After the widespread atrocities, safe and voluntary return of Rohingyas will require international monitors on […]

A Via Rail carrying 45 passengers partially derailed in southern Ontario

KITCHENER: A Via Rail halted services for three hours between London and Kitchener after derailment occurred at west of the Hamburg road, at about 7 :15 a.m. While three passengers were sent to hospital with minor injuries and a young girl received minor burns spilling hot coffee on her. Jeff Johnson, who had been a […]

Rohingya rape survivors tell their harrowing stories

December 7, 2017 Mumtaz Begum, 30. She fled to Bangladesh shortly after the Aug. 25 attack from Tula Toli village in Myanmar. She says that one night the military attacked her village and burned homes. Everyone ran and hid but the military found them. They shot her husband in front of her, and as he […]

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