Welcome to my blog! I am Saifullah Muhammad. I am very passionate about creative writing, filming and digital designing. I have experience in several mediums including; photography, video, digital design, magazine, newsletter, newspaper copy fitting, audio and video editing. I am Fluent in seven languages and experienced in working with different organizations and governments. Now I am writing articles, news stories and opinions for www.saifulrohin.com and www.rohingya.ca.

I’m expected to graduate from Conestoga College’s journalism program in April 2019.

Completed courses: • College Reading & Writing Skills • Production Technology • Research and Interviewing • Digital News Design • Social Media • News Writing • Journalism Law and Ethics.

Enrolling: • Careers in Journalism • Performance • Advanced Digital Design • Advanced Production Technology • Multimedia News Writing • Reporting • Safety in the Workplace

I am available to serve….. Call me # 1519 588 7757 or send me email at – saifulrohin@gmail.com