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A Via Rail carrying 45 passengers partially derailed in southern Ontario

KITCHENER: A Via Rail halted services for three hours between London and Kitchener after derailment occurred at west of the Hamburg road, at about 7 :15 a.m.

While three passengers were sent to hospital with minor injuries and a young girl received minor burns spilling hot coffee on her.

Jeff Johnson, who had been a passenger on the train, said: ” I was working on my laptop computer when I felt a sudden jerk and the ride got extremely bumpy. I expected it to roll over and go into the ditch”.

the Shakespeare and Wilmot fire departments got to the derailment within about nine minutes.

Paul Langan, a spokesperson for Transport Action Canada said “the derailment clearly shows that the rail lines in Southwestern Ont., need to be repaired and improved. It’s a rude awakening for people when this type of thing happens. The quality of the rail infrastructure is suffering.”

Catherine Kaloutsky, a spokesperson for Via stated “The derailment caused a puncture in a diesel tank. The minor leak was contained. The damaged rails are expected to be repaired by this evening.”

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating, she said.